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Książka, wydanie angielskie: A stupidity vaccine. Preparation for an independent living.

A note from the translator:
There are many books about how to become rich. This book is about how not to become poor.
It is written in a form of a dialogue between a father and his daughter. The father attempts to pass on his knowledge and experience in order to equip his daughter with tools to avoid financial disasters. It is written with humour and has many interesting life stories.
It is not a workbook on economy or bookkeeping, yet those subjects are explained there in a simple step-by-step guide, using home economics to illustrate not only the basic definitions but even the most current financial affairs.
This book is written from the perspective of a child turning into an adult, who recognises what is the most important in life and sets her priorities for the future.
I believe that both teenagers and adults who are trying to gain knowledge of the world of finance will find this book very helpful.
I highly recommend reading this book!
Dorota Swales
P.S. I have a favour to ask. If you have any constructive remarks about the translation, please write to: jan@weksel.pl

From the Author:
This book is for all young people, but also for adults, who behave like children when it comes to finance.
I have a problem, which was pointed out by my readers. The story in my book is initially interwoven with explanations on bookkeeping. I tried to change it, but it was not a successful attempt. Some people might find it tedious or boring, especially if they do not plan to set up their own small business or keep home accounting the way I suggest in order to steer clear of trouble. There are those who just want to read a good book and get a jab against stupidity. I have a suggestion for such readers. Read this book without digging into the particulars of the bookkeeping. Skim over them. You can always return to these details when you finish reading the book and become interested in them. You can also choose another method. Read the final chapter (31) first. Find out what all my writing aims towards and the reasons for the protests of young people round the world. The crux is that many of them know the results, but do not understand the causes.
There is also another layer in this book. It is about bringing up a child, so that he or she is equipped for an independent life. One of my readers wrote, "This father goes to extremes, but there is a reason for it." As an adult I understand it clearly now. My Dad is not the easiest to live with. I admire him for his knowledge, but even more so, for the way he shares it with me, so that I am able to comprehend the matter despite my lack of experience.

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